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Game Update 38 - The Awakening

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Micuya, Apr 15, 2014.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Micuya

    Micuya Forum Commissioner

    The Awakening

    Hello pilots,

    We are deploying the event update to all live servers on Wednesday, April 16th.

    This update will need a server maintenance of approx. 120 minutes overall. We are going to start to shut the servers down at 9.30am CET (UTC+1). The countdown will start around 15 minutes beforehand on each server.

    The game update will be deployed as following:
    9.30 am CET – EU Kobol
    10.00 am CET – EU Libran, Virgon, Canceron
    10.30 am CET – EU Tauron, Picon, Sagittaron
    11.00 am CET – US EAST
    11.30 am CET – US WEST

    The event will start at 2pm CEST (UTC+2) on April 16th

    ·Quality settings for HUBS (You can switch off the fog now which causes FPS issues on low spec machines)
    • Combat text fixes
    • Brackets jittering reduced
    • Arena medals are not shown any more during tournaments

    You can discuss the update here : > Link <

    Best regards,
    The Battlestar Galactica Online Team
  2. Nick-Nugget

    Nick-Nugget Forum Pro

    Hello fellow pilots,

    We’re currently doing a background update in order to fix an issue with the energy drain ammunition, cause it does drain energy every time it’s been shot. From now on this event ammunition will only drain energy if it’s hitting the enemy.

    You may get a socket error if you are shooting at something, using the energy drain ammo, during the update
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