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Game Update 39 – The Old Folks

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Micuya, Apr 28, 2014.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Micuya

    Micuya Forum Commissioner

    Game Update 39 – The Old Folks

    Hello pilots,

    We are deploying an update to all live servers on Tuesday, April 29th. This release will contain some bug fixes, new hotkeys for Flak/Point defense, optional settings to improve the graphics quality in the game and new ship setups for new players joining the game.


    · A hotkey to turn on/off only point defense and flak is now available.

    · The ability to disable texture filtering in order to improve the graphic quality of textures in the game.

    · The starting items for new players joining the game have been overhauled. Players will now have the following items equipped to their Viper Mk II / Raider:

    o 2 x General purpose guns

    o 1 x Long range Missile Launcher

    o 2 x Hull plating

    o 2 x Gyro stabilization

    o 1 x Anti avoidance computer

    o 1x Weapon damage boost computer

    o While these items will be found in their hold:​

    § Mining Scanner

    § 2 x Mining guns​


    · If your ship has 100% Durability (and so doesn’t need repairing), you won’t be able to click repair and start the undock timer.

    · Selecting command for a ship you’re already commanding won’t start the undock timer.

    · The high score counters now display the full numbers, instead of showing “…” at the end.

    This update will need a server maintenance of approx. 120 minutes overall. We are going to start to shut the servers down at 9.30am CEST (UTC+2). The countdown will start around 15 minutes beforehand on each server.

    The game update will be deployed as following:

    9.30 am CEST – EU Kobol

    10.00 am CEST – EU Libran, Virgon, Canceron

    10.30 am CEST – EU Tauron, Picon, Sagittaron

    11.00 am CEST – US EAST

    11.30 am CEST – US WEST

    You can discuss the update here : > Link <

    Best regards,
    The Battlestar Galactica Online Team
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