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Release 118

Discussion in 'Patchnotes and Maintenance' started by Callisto, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro


    The Steam Mechanica who was once thought to be missing has resurfaced and is featured in Release 118. As a result, a new feature has also been added to the game: the option to adjust your character’s gender, external features and name. A number of important game improvements and bug-fixes have also been made once again.

    Release 118

    At long last, the wait is over: the Steam Mechanicus has finally been given a female counterpart – the Steam Mechanica. Furthermore, a fair share of the Steam Mechanicus' skills have been visibly upgraded. The distribution of monsters in the PvE areas have also been improved and the game has been made easier to operate. As usual, this release features a whole host of bug-fixes and game optimizations, which were passed onto us by you, the community. Thank you and have fun!

    New Features

    FINALLY: The Steam Mechanica

    • The female Steam Mechanica is now available in the character creation screen. Her long absence as well as her sudden reappearance haven't been fully clarified yet, but it's quite possible that the answer lies somewhere out there in the vast lands of Dracania?
    • To this end, we're going to give all players the chance to change one of their character's appearance, sex and name once and above all for FREE. On the 4th of Febuary, this will be a feature in game that you can purchase.

    First Version of the Intro Video

    • Some players, who register for the first time, will be randomly selected to receive the first version of our intro video. We are still testing this video at the moment and have not finished working on it yet.

    Important Changes

    • Further refinements and improvements to the graphics of the Steam Mechanica: Turrets and almost all offensive and defensive skills now feature new animations and battle effects.
    • A classical loading bar has been added to the loading screen in order to inform you about the game's loading status.
    • The display for collected gold, silver, copper or Andermant no longer overlaps with the other item displays onto the character viewer.
    • Pets no longer disappear as soon as a player is defeated in battle.
    • The number of monsters in the Misty Ridge was increased.
    • The concentration, grouping and number of monsters in the Spawning Ground have been noticeably adapted to better fit the region.
    • As soon as a flag is captured in the “Capture the Flag“ competition, a very specific sound will go off in order to draw more attention to this game event and make it clearly stand out.
    • The automatic collection of items such as Healing Sphere and coins now works more reliably.
    • If players were defeated in arena battles, the time which it took for them to be revived was designated as “inactive“ and they were kicked out of the match if this time took longer than 30 seconds. This no longer occurs in the case of death.
    • Due to reasons of fairness, the Rocket Pack range of a Steam Mechanicus Attack was reduced to the maximum range of the other classes' range of mobility.
    • In the parallel world quest called "Between Worlds", the question mark in the quest numbering was replaced by the number of quests in the quest series.
    • The hammer of the Steam Mechanicus (Level 32) is no longer called “Steel Screwdriver“ but rather “Steel Hammer“.
    • Premium users no longer need to constantly confirm the free remixing of the daily challenges.
    • The forest ranger Arva Valetia and the Steam Mechanicus Olex Dampfkessel have closed ranks with the other alliance delegates in Kingshill.
    • Defensive quests are now better tailored to the players in groups. Starting immediately quests no longer need to be repeated so that all group members can make quest progress.

    Selected Bug-Fixes

    • The “Ring of Death“ quest can be repeated as intended.
    • The values for the “Deep Sea Carapace Quiver“ have been corrected so that they match the off-hand items of the Deep Sea Set of the other classes (block rate and armor).
    • Improvements made to “Alan's Mystical Ball” now properly increase the defense value.
    • The maximum damage value of weapons from the New Moon event are now properly displayed in the tool tips.
    • “Field rations“ which can be bought in Andrakasch now display the correct image of the item in the inventory.
    • The obstacles on the way to the gate in the Teleportarium no longer spin round and round on the spot.
    • A location which was incorrect and required to find Grumble Cabbage in Darbmoor was corrected for the quest “Everything's Wrong“.
    • Numerous improvements in the collision query within the Temple Sector, Abyss of Time, the Misty Ridge and the Gleaming Mountains were made. Should you see anything else that seems suspicious, let us know and use the screenshot function in the game in order to record the exact position.
    • The location where the ram appears in the Teleportarium no longer has any “invisible walls“ which in the past could hinder players.
    • A problem was fixed that caused connection interruptions to occur upon escorting the ram in the first part of the battle against the Destructor.
    • A few graphic errors with the Destructor were corrected.
    • The Spellweaver's “Mind Control“ skill now works in PvP battles and lasts the appropriate length of time on conjured companions.
    • For the quest “Defense Totem” in Hognis Mine players were unable to put the crafted focus onto the Totem of Defense – and thus the quest could not be completed. This bug was been fixed and the quest can now be completed.

    Known Issues:


    If the player has their inventory full of items that have sockets that are equipped with gemstones or many enchantments – each time the character picks up items – the user might experience some small lag.


    The quest task ‘counter espionage 2/2’ cannot be completed.

    Last Minute Fixes:

    [live]client crash when opening the daily quest window while being in the firstlevel – the Flying Island
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  2. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro


    LIVE SYNC, Thursday 30.01.2014


    09:00 am (CET UTC +2) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (CET UTC +2) start maintenance (takes at least 60 minutes)

  3. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Hotfix 118


    LIVE SYNC, Tuesday 04.02.2014


    09:00 am (CET UTC +2) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (CET UTC +2) start maintenance (takes at least 60 minutes)


    Sync Details

    Solved Issues:
    • Chat server has been restored and is not causing any crash if failing
    • A crash that was caused whenever a member of a group left during the course of a hold-ground quest (defend an NPC) has been fully fixed.
    Known Issues:
    • Game performance goes bad when user picks up items.
    • Happens to user which have an huge amount of items with enchantments & gems in inventory and bank storage.
    • If a player leaves a group which is actually doing hold ground quest the life bar does not disappear till changing the map.
    • The quest task ‘counter espionage 2/2’ cannot be completed

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