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Poll: Spawn Spoint Mode

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Nick-Nugget, Mar 20, 2014.


Which spawn point mode do you prefer ?

Poll closed Mar 29, 2014.
  1. Single Spawn Point

    3 vote(s)
  2. Multiple Spawn Point

    8 vote(s)
  1. Nick-Nugget

    Nick-Nugget Padavan

    Attention Mercs,
    We want to know from you, which mode of respawn you prefer? Do you like the single spawn point from the Outback map more or the multiple and changing spawn points on the other maps?

    Your Merc Elite team.
  2. TseTse_Fly____CZ

    TseTse_Fly____CZ Forum-Apprentice

    I cannt vote because there isnt the third option:
    • both modes

    I like both. I was very surprised first, when the Outback map started. But now i like the option to change the battle tactics on different maps.:cool:

    And i cannt tell you, what im thinking about assaults beta skin, because i dont want to use obscene words.:(
  3. _Journey_

    _Journey_ Forum-Greenhorn

    In my opinion multiple spawn points are a better choice than the single points, because when a team is dominated by the other, it is difficult for them to start a comeback. The point is that the the enemy can wait at the spawning point and kill each merc without that the dominated team can do anything.
  4. danjio

    danjio Someday Author

    i have to agree with tsetse

    both are a very good option since EVERY map is different to play and with this option you really need to think of new tactics i just love both so i gonna vote for single spawn :)
  5. Wulfrym

    Wulfrym Forum-Greenhorn

    both options seems nice, some maps multiple, some maps single spawn points
  6. Gavatarn

    Gavatarn Forum-Apprentice

    I prefer the single spawn points beacuse
    - i can predict where the enemy and my team is spawning
    - no spawn point change in the last second
    - i suddenly don't stand inside a spawnpoint (very annoying if you fight on city map in the lower corners)
    - the map is devided in friendly and enemy territory
    - game is more tactical because the front is not bypassed by switching spawnpoint position
  7. Painn

    Painn Someday Author

    I didn't get the time to vote before the poll end, but i have to say that i prefer multiple spawn point in the actual configuration of the game.
    As @_Journey_ said, spawn/base camp is frequent mostly in "Outback" because of the single spawn point.

    But if the defense turrets had a bigger range the single spawn point would be a good option, the possibility to choice between both spawn mode would be the best.
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