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Airline Weeks Event FAQs

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by ~NightHawk~, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Greetings Airport Managers!


    In this event the following aircrafts, buildings, decorations and backdrops from the Airline Weeks event 2014 can be purchased with the event currency [​IMG] (Airplus Miles).

    Jetliner AX 18 - XS-Plane
    Cost: 70 Airplus Miles
    Flight time: 12 Hours
    Service time: 150 sec
    Cost: 60 Passengers
    Rewards: 672 Aircoins, 54 XP

    Zero G - M-Plane
    Cost: 95 Airplus Miles
    Flight time: 3 Hours
    Service time: 300 sec
    Cost: 110 Passengers
    Rewards: 312 Aircoins, 32 XP

    A32X - M-Plane
    Cost: 120 Airplus Miles
    Flight time: 6 Hours
    Service time: 400 sec
    Cost: 150 Passengers
    Rewards: 440 Aircoins, 43 XP

    Transport-Air - M-Plane
    Cost: 140 Airplus Miles
    Flight Time: 8 Hours
    Service time: 500 sec
    Cost: 651 Aircoins
    Rewards: 651 Goods, 44 XP

    A33X - M-Plane
    Cost: 160 Airplus Miles
    Flight time: 12 Hours
    Service time: 500 sec
    Cost: 190 Passengers
    Rewards: 728 Aircoins, 72 XP

    Silverfox - Ramacopter
    Cost: 110 Airplus Miles
    Flight time: 4 Hours
    Service time: 450 sec
    Cost: 90 Passengers
    Rewards: 392 Aircoins, 32 XP

    Airplus Service Center - Passenger Building
    Cost: 75 Airplus Miles
    Size: 5 x 5
    Yield: 500 Passengers per 00:30 hours

    Airport Flag - Decoration
    Cost: 40 Airplus Miles
    Size: 1 x 1
    Yield: +2 Passengers
    Radius: 2

    Central Bus Station - Technical Decoration
    Cost: 30 Airplus Miles
    Size: 1 x 1
    Yield: -9% Service time
    Radius: 1

    Mild Meadow "Turbolence" - Backdrop
    Cost: 10 Airplus Miles

    The Event currency (Airplus Miles) can also be purchased with AirCash.

    • 10 Event currency for 10 AirCash
    • 50 Event currency for 40 AirCash

    The Big Plus!

    With real money, you can also purchase the Event Packages.

    Please note: Each package can be purchased more than once.


    Flyback-Package (small)
    Price: 1,99 Euro

    • 50 Event currency (Airplus Miles)
    • 100 Superfuel
    • 10 AirCash


    International Express Package (big)
    Price: 9,99 Euro

    • 200 Event currency (Airplus Miles)
    • 500 Superfuel
    • 24 hour Quick Service
    • 10 XXL Part Sets
    • 10,000 Passengers
    • 50 AirCash
    • 2 Small hangar slots
    • 2 Medium hangar slots
    • 2 Ramacopter hangar slots
    • 2 SeaRama hangar slots

    Important: The Quick Service is activated immediately after the purchase.

    Please note: Before buying a payment package in the shop which contains hangar slots, please make sure that you have the hangar at your airport. Otherwise, the hangar slots are lost.

    All Event currencies which have not been used by the end of the event will be lost.

    Enjoy the event,
    Your Skyrama Team
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