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Feedback Arctic Skies Weeks Event

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by ~NightHawk~, Nov 28, 2017.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. SkyChristine

    SkyChristine Padavan

    This is even better

    Comeback after visiting a buddy (a forum member told this as a solution to it)
  2. charlois

    charlois Forum-Apprentice

    This game has lot of technical problems as i noticed i want my investment money from from skyrama this sucks
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  3. NapoCapo

    NapoCapo Forum-Greenhorn

    I wanted to ask if the airplanes of friends bring snowflakes or snowflakes I get them only from my planes?
    Thank you.
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  4. SkyChristine

    SkyChristine Padavan

    Snowflakes are coming from your own planes only
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  5. petrkos8

    petrkos8 Forum-Greenhorn

    Please Bigpoint add winter song to the skyrama.. i realy love this song.. In 2015 the winter song was i the game, but now is only default song. SO please add it :D thanks !
  6. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- Forum Duke

    Yeah!! As a player, who plays really long, I'm dissapointed that there is not that Winter song like before two years. Why? :(
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  7. haankaxx

    haankaxx Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, why I can't work with my planes? I had same problems as SkyChristine from today.. my QS end soon and what my bucks?? Can you fix it fast please?? and said me how is this posibble??
  8. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello haankaxx!!

    The easiest way is to clear the browser cache and log in to the game again, if these steps do not solve the problem then you need to write a support ticket. :cool:
  9. haankaxx

    haankaxx Forum-Greenhorn

    I clear cache yesterday, but today this start.. but today at 7.PM someone must repair it. I mean it's not problem from my side,i don't clear cache for week and everything ok, but one day after this problems start? and I'm not single who had this problems.,
    But thank you for reply :)
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  10. firehawk691

    firehawk691 Active Author

    Do the Frost series bonus planes bring back any kind of event currency ?
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  11. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hi firehawk691!! :)

    Yes, they give gadgets adequate to the type of aircraft, also machines bought in the previous edition generate a bonus currency.

    Have nice day.
  12. firehawk691

    firehawk691 Active Author

    Thanks Dexac :)
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  13. pulga1989

    pulga1989 Someday Author

    Hehehehe Nice.
  14. dugobisilva

    dugobisilva Forum-Greenhorn

    will have bonus code?
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  15. Norway

    Norway Regular

    Hi To all I will not be useing QS until the game has been updated, so don't sand hundreds of planes.
  16. Norway

    Norway Regular

    Besse will not be on today due to the game not working.Nighthauk can you tell me is anyone trying to fix the game ?

    regarda Besse
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
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  17. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello Vladimir108!!! :)

    The answers to your questions can be found here -> http://en.bigpoint.com/skyrama/board/threads/arctic-skies-weeks-event-faqs.11070/#post-162888

    I invite you to read ;):)
  18. Vladimir108

    Vladimir108 Forum-Apprentice

    Sorry, I actually deleted my question, because i have found the answer to it already there. But thanx, anyway!
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  19. Victoria-Airport

    Victoria-Airport Forum-Greenhorn

    Sorry I read the rules but I still do not understand how you get the anti freeze. I only get snowflakes.
  20. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello Victoria-Airport,

    normal planes drop snowflakes. With snowflakes, you can buy the ICE Nipper, the ICE Sprinter, the ICE Copter and the ICE Aqua (images below) by clicking on the snowflake in the top left corner of the screen and click on the plane you want to buy.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These four planes do not drop snowflakes, each of them will drop a special antifreeze. The ICE Nipper drops an antifreeze needed to buy the ICE Frost Nipper, the ICE Sprinter drops an antifreeze needed to buy the ICE Frost Sprinter and so on.

    Does this explanation make it more clear to you?

    Kind regards,
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