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Buddy Requests - 2019

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. jtgmerk

    jtgmerk Forum-Greenhorn

    Name: jtgmerk, User ID: 13229798 Country Taiwan
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  2. Yeah_lets_go

    Yeah_lets_go Forum-Greenhorn

    Name: Yeah_lets_go
    User ID: 13103910
    Country The Netherlands
  3. baggos24

    baggos24 Forum-Greenhorn

    Όνομα: baggos24, UserID: 5079997
    country greece
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  4. yuriumeda

    yuriumeda Forum-Apprentice

    Name: yuriumeda
    ID: 13145392
    Country: Brazil
    Level: 27

    Looking for active friends.
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  5. josubamadu2001

    josubamadu2001 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hey, I'm looking for my active buddies I just got back into playing this game. Feel free to just add me, and I'll send you planes or whatever. Thanks

    Username: josubamadu2001
    User ID: 11912152
    Loocation: Germany
  6. Liitomiäs

    Liitomiäs Forum-Greenhorn

    Hey! I'm also looking for active buddies to send planes with! I have just started, but I think I'll lvl up quite quickly.

    Username: Liitomiäs
    User ID: 13231509
    Location: Finland
  7. dondiego29

    dondiego29 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello, you can add me : dondiego29
    Level 36. France
  8. CaptMarty

    CaptMarty Forum-Greenhorn

    • Username: CaptMarty
    • User ID: 13233989
    • Your Country: USA, Kansas
    • Special requests : I would like to have more buddies, can be everyone! I just joined the game since i havent played it for years. Hope to see you soon on the airport :)
  9. julikira6

    julikira6 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi! I'm looking for new friends.:)

    Name: julikira6
    ID: 1158414
    Country: Spain
    Level: 34
  10. KoningWilem

    KoningWilem Forum-Greenhorn

    Name: KoningWilem
    Country: The Netherlands
    Special request: Hello Everyone! i just started again with the game. I am looking for some buddies :)
  11. PatPaw89

    PatPaw89 Forum-Greenhorn

    I need rama-M-turbo
    ID 13234121
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  12. mic1441

    mic1441 Forum-Greenhorn

    name mic1441
    ID: 416261
    Country germany
    lvl 42
  13. dzsolide

    dzsolide Forum-Greenhorn

    Hey guys, looking for some buddies to get fun together, and to complete my missions
    ID : 13234197
    dzsolide -- from Algeria
    See U sooon
  14. golyo25

    golyo25 Forum-Greenhorn

    Sziasztok aktív magyar barátokat keresek!
    De ha nem vagy magyar nem gond!
    Csak aktív legyél !
  15. JetPlanes191

    JetPlanes191 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hey guys! I'm from the US. I'm level 42 and my info is:
    Name: --daviddaless68--
    User ID: 9874626
    I hope some of y'all can add me so we become active buddies on skyrama :)
  16. mamabus

    mamabus Forum-Greenhorn

    Name: mamabus
    ID: 9351283
    Country: Slovakia
  17. SkyNet008

    SkyNet008 Forum-Greenhorn

    Name: SkyNet008
    ID: 13236770
    Country: Brasil
  18. MrBazuzu

    MrBazuzu Forum-Greenhorn

    Username: MrBazuzu
    User ID: 13237527
    Country: Sweden

    I'm very active player and would like to have more friends :)
  19. nlrobert

    nlrobert Forum-Greenhorn

    Name: nlrobert
    ID: 13237512
    Country: The Netherlands
  20. Chemexa

    Chemexa Forum-Greenhorn

    Naam: Chemexa,
    User-ID: 13237922
    Based in the sunny Hawaii

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