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Daan-PL Airport

Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Daan-PL, Jun 17, 2018.

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  1. Daan-PL

    Daan-PL Forum-Apprentice

    Hello Pilots!

    Nickname: Daan-PL
    User-ID: 10317460
    Game Level: 79

    Total planes: 885 (I will update if it did get changed)

    Small hangar: 280
    30x Ramaliner-Eclipse (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Uforia (Fully Upgrade)
    5x AIRcrobatic KA-55 (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Skyathlon (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Aero-Dynamo (Fully Upgrade)
    5x 1930s Racer-Mr. Mulligan (Fully Upgrade)
    100x Rufus MK II (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Ultralight FR (Fully Upgrade)
    5x 1930s Racer-Bulldog (Fully Upgrade)
    20x Rama-Xplore (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Pocket Rocket (Fully Upgrade)
    5x GOLD-Sprinter (Fully Upgrade)
    10x ICE Frost Nipper (Fully Upgrade)
    20x Darkfyre Sprinter (Fully Upgrade)
    5x 1930s Racer GeeBee (Fully Upgrade)
    30x Rama-XS-Cargo (Fully Upgrade)

    Medium Hangar: 350
    30x Rama-Xperience (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Glide-AIRSK21 (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Boiling 757 (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Boomerama (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Wild Blue Yonder (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Boiling C17 (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Rama M Skelemoto (Fully Upgrade)
    20x Rama-M-Superturbo (Fully Upgrade)
    15x Airow (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Skyakutake (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Caribbean Cruiser (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Rama-Super-Explore (Fully Upgrade)
    5x 777 PT (Fully Upgrade)
    70x Lancelot (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Darkfyre Century (Fully Upgrade)
    30x Triple Fury (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Aerobus (Fully Upgrade)
    5x A33X (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Big Bang (Fully Upgrade)
    30x Sky Shuttle (Fully Upgrade)
    30x Skyrama 858 (Fully Upgrade)
    5x MillionAIR X (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Teflon Liner (Fully Upgrade)
    15x Rama-M-Cargo (Fully Upgrade)

    Ramacopter Hangar: 110
    5x Ramacopter-Turbo (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Rama-Ambulance (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Ramacopter-Steady (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Ramaliner-MX-Copter(Fully Upgrade)
    15x AW-Zero III (Fully Upgrade)
    5x UltraAir MI-II (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Ramacopter-Skycrane (Fully Upgrade)
    5x USS Azure (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Hinderburg (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Camo-Copter (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Ramacopter-Seaking (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Eazy-135 (Fully Upgrade)
    15x M3GA-01 (Fully Upgrade)
    5x HIZspeed XVA (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Skykea (Fully Upgrade)

    Seaplane Hangar: 115
    5x SeaRama-Solo (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Airy Shelley (Fully Upgrade)
    15x Sky-HOH (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Rama-Firefighter (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Searama-Clipper (Fully Upgrade)
    5x SeaRama-Aqua (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Ramaliner-Xplore (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Rama-M-Quatro (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Darkfyre Icon (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Flying Dutchman (Fully Upgrade)
    15x Orc-Air (Fully Upgrade)
    10x Amphibee-O B-200 (Fully Upgrade)
    25x C-Star (Fully Upgrade)

    Large Hangar: 30
    5x H155-XL-Python (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Ogoriv (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Corn Cod 1 (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Airtrain 38 (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Hurri-Ken (Fully Upgrade)
    5x Onotav-C (Fully Upgrade)

    Feel free to send me a friend request if u haven't done yet :) I will accept everyone & If you need planes, you can contact me by a Flyby! Most of the time I will play with QS

    Image of my airport::cool:


    This was it then :p

    Kind Regards,
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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  2. embas

    embas Someday Author

    I've added you :D
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  3. Ladiček06

    Ladiček06 Junior Expert

    wow ! nice
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    ROBOCOP-AIR Forum-Greenhorn

    I've also added you.
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  5. ..jamesm.

    ..jamesm. Forum-Greenhorn

    Hey got back into the game after a couple years, being that you are a high level do you think its worth buying some aircash to upgrade hangers a lot? Ive also added you so if you still play feel free to send planes :)
  6. Daan-PL

    Daan-PL Forum-Apprentice

    If you want to level up faster and grow bigger, you need to buy Aircash to improve your hangars. You can level easily till level 70 without buying Aircash if you are put a lot of time in it.


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