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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Team' started by -Dexac-, Jun 9, 2017.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello all :)

    Many players can I welcome once again.
    My name is Stanislaw, djstach in the game.
    I joined the Skyrama team for the second time, until recently I worked in the Polish team.
    I live in Szczecin in Poland so English is not my native language, so please forgive me. :cool::oops:
    I am here every day, so do not be afraid to ask questions :)

    I wish you successful flights :)
  2. Margo1193

    Margo1193 Active Author

    I am glad that there is someone "friend" ;)
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  3. BLONDI2011

    BLONDI2011 All knowing Oracle

    I hope You'll be more normal than the polish forum:rolleyes:
    Have a nice day:)
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  4. Bies1952

    Bies1952 Forum Great Master

    Welcome to the Supper :)
    I told you so ??
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  5. -arkadek-

    -arkadek- Forum Master

    but I also hope you will be in the Skyrama Team more like a djstach in game than -Dexac- from PL forum :cool::)
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  6. topgun123

    topgun123 Board Veteran

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  7. -Muriska-

    -Muriska- Someday Author



    Good Luck ;)

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  8. krasnoludek10

    krasnoludek10 Forum Ambassador

    When will we start for Szczecin in Poland:) ??? The most interesting in this game is that it isn't important where you actually stay, because you can meet in this game and you are able to be a pilot:)
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  9. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Tomek, you start when you want :D. Uncle G will help you :D:D;)
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  10. krasnoludek10

    krasnoludek10 Forum Ambassador

    Do you make all flights each time of day and night?
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  11. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Of course not, apart from the game I like very much, I also have a real life :):D
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  12. krasnoludek10

    krasnoludek10 Forum Ambassador

    Yeah - absentmindedness and laziness still (however) pain:D
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  13. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Well you have a problem :D :eek:
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  14. krasnoludek10

    krasnoludek10 Forum Ambassador

    I know - huge trouble:cool::eek::oops: You don't need (or "didn't need" - I don't know) remind this me:p
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  15. Madzia63

    Madzia63 Forum-Apprentice

    A ja się przywitam po naszemu :) Witaj :D
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  16. MadeInDZ

    MadeInDZ Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, I think I have a problem with Skyrama moderators, so I write you this because you're the Board Administrator.

    So, yesterday I have published a topic about the Palestine in the game, I said clearly that I wouldn't like to create tensions ( because it's a sentisive topic ) but I don't know you delete directly and spontanently sensitive topics, because we are here in a forum and a forum is done for ... debating. I don't know why Palestine is not present and I asked the team, it's not illegal. I created a POLL to see if the community was for or against ; but as dictators you have impeached the DEBATE, the POLL and the "DEMOCRACY".

    I don't know if you'll read this message, but an answer should be the minimum.
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  17. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello MadeInDZ

    Thank you for your opinion.
    You have received a precise argument that follows directly from the terms & conditions described in Terms & Conditions.
    I ask you to respect these rules.

    The subject you wrote was considered exhausted :cool:.

    I wish you many successful flights.
    Best regards,
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