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Divert Function

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by pinfall, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. pinfall

    pinfall Forum-Apprentice

    In bad weather, airplanes can be diverted to other airports.

    Here, a player can be hit with too many airplanes. We need a function where a player can divert an airplane to a Buddy. The Buddy services the airplane. They split the coins and experience 50/50 and both receive the gift and reclamation piece.
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  2. gigiz

    gigiz Someday Author

    nice idea
  3. nativenitro

    nativenitro Forum-Apprentice

    I think that's a great idea too!
  4. mika0123456

    mika0123456 Forum-Greenhorn

  5. Norway

    Norway Regular

    Skyrama has the Euro 2016 football event, just change the flags and make the event into The womens world cup in France, just saying. :)
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  6. Albsure31

    Albsure31 Forum-Greenhorn

    I like this idea! I am in!

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