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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by ~NightHawk~, Feb 14, 2017.

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  1. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Dear Airport Managers,

    please post here any feedback on the Love in the Sky Weeks !

    Enjoy this event,
    Your Skyrama Team
  2. cupid151

    cupid151 Junior Expert

    Is stealing planes part of the game now Very angry First There was a problem yesterday Now even worse this morning and someone stole a new plane from me Can you not find someone else to steal from
  3. MM77

    MM77 Someday Author

    While playing this event, I tought that planes took too long for a round trip to be profitable for the "second currency" of the event. 8-10h is too long. Then, when upgraded, they take up to 12h for a round trip !!
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  4. brubo

    brubo Forum-Apprentice

    I do not like this new event system.
    In order to get the more desirable planes, I have buy more hangar spaces for planes that I do not want (in my case we are talking about at least 20 Seaplane and Helicopter spots). This does not apply to the same degree to small and medium hangar places because those planes can be recycled.
    So, either drop this new system or at least give us the opportunity to recycle ALL planes!
  5. cupid151

    cupid151 Junior Expert

    Sorry in advance Do not know where this goes We appear to be goimng back in time Everything that I did such nas sending and Rec planes was erased Had to repeat everything
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  6. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Good evening,

    since the event ended a few days ago, I will close here again.

    Thanks for your feedback, we have already forwarded it to Bigpoint :).

    Best regards,

    ~Thread closed~
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