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Flight Times - 2019

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. asarja

    asarja Padavan

    im online from 2pm-9pm weekdays 9am-9pm weekend
    I send planes only by appointment
    have a nice Day
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  2. Daan-PL

    Daan-PL Forum-Apprentice

    Airport: Daan-PL / level 80
    ID: 10317460

    5-5-2019: 17:00 - 02:00 QS
    6-5-2019: 10:00 - 02:00 QS

    If you don't have me as your buddy. You can always add me! If u need planes for a mission, I will be availiable.

  3. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author


    Airport is open.. 08.00am-14.00pm cet + 1 & 16.00pm cet + 1to closing time whenever that will be.. jank1961 / id : 5264246 / level 75.. greetings to all.. may your airport be busy on this xp day.. njoy & have fun ;-) <3 Jan
  4. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author


    Airport is open only on xp days & 50% xtra coins.. from 08.00 - 14.00 CET + 1 & 16.00 - 22.00 CET + 1

    jank1961 / id : 5264246 / level 75

    Greetings to all.. have a nice time & have fun ;-) Jan
  5. Lilmissroach1

    Lilmissroach1 Forum-Greenhorn

    lilmissroach1/ 13226909 airport open can service small and medium planes :) will be open for a couple of hours 18:00 GMT
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  6. asarja

    asarja Padavan

    Airport open: SA:7:30-9:30am/2:45-8:00pm NO QS
    SU:7:30am-6:00pm(8:00pm) with breaks between
    ID: 13125573
    have a nice day:)
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  7. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    Correction.. there seems to be a misunderstanding here about the time.. from myself included..

    Flight time is from 07.00 - 13.00 CET + 1 & from 15.00 - 21.00 CET + 1..

    Airport is open only on xp days & 50% xtra aircoins.. sorry for any confusion or misunderstanding..

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  8. teamup

    teamup Forum-Apprentice

    Are these topics used active for Pro-Players?
    I'm wondering what the best way is to communicate xD
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  9. jank1961

    jank1961 Active Author

    .. we are not pro-players.. we are simply just hardcore players / old timers :D hmmm.. the best way to communicate is either or both or even more.. use this thread.. or see players corner.. cafe for airports personal.. or simply make a new post.. or find the board leader.. NightHawk.. make a post on his profile.. he will know how to help you and guide you if anyone does ;-)
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