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Feedback Love in the Sky Weeks Event

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 29, 2019.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. mr.Seconds

    mr.Seconds Forum-Greenhorn

    There is no limit to my indignation!!! YOU are seriously such an event will leave? It's just disrespectful to the players changing the rules of Eventa 7 days before the end!!! ....just do not want to continue to play...OMG...
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  2. apa55

    apa55 Forum-Apprentice

    And moreover, having no prior notification
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    NOELIABEEKVELT Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello. My event doesnot work.....help
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  4. minifouine1

    minifouine1 Forum-Apprentice

    Hello, i ve got a bug. My hearts don't put on score. I always have 0. but i m sent my planes in missions. Could you help me please.

    NOELIABEEKVELT Forum-Greenhorn

    I have the same problem.
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  6. Vladimir108

    Vladimir108 Forum-Apprentice

    hopefully, tomorrow game admins will reply.
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  7. ELPADRINO1974

    ELPADRINO1974 Forum-Apprentice

    Hay alguien competente para arreglar los eternos problemas en este juego?????????????????????????
    Esto es una VERGÜENZA
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  8. Andy1337

    Andy1337 Forum-Greenhorn

    They better fix this S**T!
    Cant belive they just changed the event!!
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  9. vila958

    vila958 Forum-Greenhorn

    porquer voces mudaram o evento sem comunicar a ninguem isso foi errado
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  10. PEPIUX

    PEPIUX Forum-Greenhorn

    This is a SCAM . There is no RESPECT for us. You better fix this s...ht.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  11. mavrodaphne

    mavrodaphne Forum-Greenhorn

    Liebe chinesische Mehrheitsteilnehmer,
    ihr wisst, dass ihr das Spiel gerade kaputt macht!
    Und ich garantiere euch, dass keiner von uns jemals wieder ein spiel bei bigpoint kauft.
    So kann man eine gut laufende Firma auch ruinieren!
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen
    mavrodaphne, UserId: 7895356

    Dear Chinese majority members,

    you know that you are breaking the game!

    And I guarantee you, that none of us will ever buy another game at bigpoint.

    So you can ruin a good running company too!

    Yours sincerely

    mavrodaphne, UserId: 7895356


    Chers membres de la majorité chinoise,

    vous savez que vous cassez le jeu!

    Et je vous garantis qu'aucun de nous n'achètera jamais un autre jeu sur bigpoint.

    Vous pouvez donc aussi ruiner une bonne entreprise en activité!


    mavrodaphne, UserId: 7895356









    Qīn'ài de zhōngguó dà duōshù chéngyuán, nǐ zhīdào nǐ zhèngzài dǎpò yóuxì! Érqiě wǒ xiàng nǐ bǎozhèng, wǒmen dōu bù huì zài bigpoint gòumǎi lìng yī kuǎn yóuxì. Suǒyǐ nǐ yě kěyǐ huǐ diào yīgè hǎo de pǎobù gōngsī! Zuì hǎo de wènhòu mavrodaphne,UserId:7895356 Tuōmǎsī

    Vážení čínští většinoví členové,

    víte, že přerušíte hru!

    A já vám zaručuji, že nikdo z nás nikdy nebude kupovat jinou hru na skvělém místě.

    Takže můžete zničit také dobrou firmu!

    S pozdravem

    mavrodaphne, UserId: 7895356

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  12. olandiano

    olandiano Forum Overlooker

    First, I must say that what bigpoint has done now is disrespectful and shameless. After three weeks change the event,and there is left only one week!! Three weeks with hundreds off tecnical errors, and they knew it because our moderatorshas say it every week. Thanks for that. They are the only persons who care about the players,and not Bigpoint !!! There are many small players they had collected a few airplanes from this event, they would collect...!!
    And now they lost everything because they have changed the game.That they have do that the first week and not after 3 weeks. Finally i could buy 60 XXL planes, but all the chocolats are gone, and i can start again with collecting, and i have decided to close my airport as long as take again this event. So i have saved now 60 x 24 aircash . Thanks...And i not spend also
    again daily 30 aircash for QS. And i hope there are many players to do the same. And they do it, i have seen it already,also in Germany. Maybe the game is now running well, without errors, but i do not want to start again with collecting.The small players can not collecting again what they need, they have small aeroplanes and they bringing almost none hearts, and thats also because the planes from the buddys not bringing nothing,thats also a big mistake from Bigpoint.Because the big players can not help them,and thats what we want to do also. Thats what friends are for. If they told us one day before and in the beginning from the event, everybody could do what they would do. But the only thing they thinking is collecting money, i know they needed money for going forward with this game, but if they do this what they have did now, there is less money to collect. Strange they do not understand that, Chinese are advanced than we. What they do now , i think, they let the event last longer..And they hoping everybody buy aircash again. But not me.Its a pity that they do not even think about the players once,and especially about the small players. When i was small and at school, i had to stand in the corner for one hour if i had something wrong. For BP the corner is to small and they have to stand there for three weeks. I hope everything goes well for the players who are still playing with this event , but i do not think that is the case. Have a good time everybody.


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  13. Vladimir108

    Vladimir108 Forum-Apprentice

    Why so dramatic?! Bugs happen. It's an online game and not really a top-quality one. Not a flagship of Bigpoint.

    Btw, apparently, maintenance is in progress now. Let's just wait. Play smth else for a while.
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  14. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    of course we are not happy about what and how this happened yesterday. We tried to find a compromise with the developers for the event currency because due to the coding structure unfortunately it was not possible to reset all event currency counters to the amount they had before the maintenance yesterday.
    The result were 5000 event currency for everyone which might be a better solution for the small players than for the big players but that is what we have now.
    In addition to that the event has been prolonged for another month to give especially the big players the chance to collect event currency for some more planes again.

    For more information, please see also the Official Announcement.

    Kind regards,
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  15. firehawk69

    firehawk69 Count Count

    How about a sincere apology from developers themselves !!!
    Perhaps also as a measure of good faith several days of Quick Service ???
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  16. phboos

    phboos Someday Author

    Hopefully they will not make the same mistake again.It is clear that all the players where unpleasantly surprised,and they did try to compensate.Let us be clear that we would much rather see, new events with new chalenges then repeats off yesterdays specials.There are lot off games to be done. Seeing how many players are active for years it would be the right reward for being a longtime player.
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  17. olandiano

    olandiano Forum Overlooker

    Hi Nighthawk, its not your fould, you did'nt like it also, i know. Thanks for the help.
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  18. Andy1337

    Andy1337 Forum-Greenhorn

    thx for atleast trying to give some back!
    And thx for the apology, i appreciate that, glad you guys extended the event now with the new rules, wich i felt was a must! great stuff:)
  19. ELPADRINO1974

    ELPADRINO1974 Forum-Apprentice

    I can not speak english fine.
    And we havent spanish sección
    So, i write in spanish:

    Es lamentable lo que pasa en este juego.
    Solo saben hacer eventos viejos porque ya hace que nada nuevo programan.
    Nos habíamos organizado para conseguir aviones y de repente lo cambian todo.
    Yo tenía para 11 de los xl y ahora que????
    5000 monedas de evento??? Con eso ya vale??
    Un juego con este potencial y desaprovechado por parte de los manager es penoso.
    Y OJO!!!!! se muy bien de lo que hablo, cuando se está dentro de una casa uno sabe las cosas internas de la casa, ahí lo dejo.

    Nos han timado y nos ningunean, así seguimos
    Que pena!!!!!

    Questo a Sicilia......non sucede

    Forza Italia!!!
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  20. phboos

    phboos Someday Author

    Coins have been verry spedely credited today.Thanx helpdesk!:)
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