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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by matiz321, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. matiz321

    matiz321 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello :)
    I am a player of Polish :) My nickname is matiz321. I play SKYR much longer. I'm level 62 and I play very keen [often]. I also have for you this message:
    "I am writing to you to invite you to our Polish forum where we set up the topic" Aircraft with SKYR and real aircraft. "In this post we are looking for aircraft to serve as prototypes for machines with SKYR :) We would like you to join us and look for planes together with us :) In the first post written all aircraft are already found are linked and are lit up in blue :) The rest is yet to find :) Here a link to this thread: http://pl.bigpoint.com/skyrama/boar...yramy-w-porownaniu-z-samolotami-w-realu.8630/

    We invite you :) Sincerely, on behalf of the Poles - matiz321 :)"
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
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  2. djstach

    djstach Active Author

    And you what are you doing here? :D
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  3. matiz321

    matiz321 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi Stach :D
    I decided to visit other forums and persuade players to look for us aircraft in THIS thread :D And what are you doing here? :D
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  4. djstach

    djstach Active Author

    You know, advertising leveraged trade :D:D
    Sometimes you have to show up in other circles of :p:)
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  5. Madzia63

    Madzia63 Forum-Apprentice

    Witam :) Po polsku mozna tu pisać bo mój angielski skońcył się kiedyś na maturze :)
  6. krasnoludek10

    krasnoludek10 Forum Ambassador

  7. AndrewLevRus

    AndrewLevRus Padavan

    this is great
  8. rashini

    rashini Forum-Greenhorn

  9. AndrewLevRus

    AndrewLevRus Padavan

    nice to meet you
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  10. aneks

    aneks Forum-Greenhorn

    Witam! Hello! :)
    Zamiast się uczyć odprawiam samoloty ;)
  11. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Zwróć, proszę uwagę, że jest to forum angielskie i proszę pisać w tym właśnie języku.
    Wyjątek od tego stanowią wątki narodowe, polski kawałeczek Forum jest tu http://en.bigpoint.com/skyrama/board/threads/poland-polska-tu-jestesmy.10422/

    The player has been redirected to the correct thread :cool:
  12. rashini

    rashini Forum-Greenhorn

  13. AndrewLevRus

    AndrewLevRus Padavan

    hi :D
  14. jes-jes123

    jes-jes123 Forum-Apprentice


  15. rashini

    rashini Forum-Greenhorn

  16. edujt

    edujt Forum-Greenhorn

    nick edujt
    ID 572192
    add me
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  17. krasnoludek10

    krasnoludek10 Forum Ambassador

    Hi matiz321. What's up:D ???

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