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Bug My planes doesn't show up

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sparkmind, Dec 3, 2017.

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  1. szarvasferi

    szarvasferi Commander of the Forum

    Írj a supportnak!
  2. georgi73

    georgi73 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, the flights bar isn't showing...
    User ID 10160021
  3. firehawk69

    firehawk69 Count Count

    could you please clear my server cache also ? Id # 8268933
  4. G-LACI

    G-LACI Forum-Greenhorn

    hi there! could anyone clear my ingame cache, please. i have cleared the browsers many times, but no change, the plane bar is still gray...
  5. fly-magic

    fly-magic Forum-Greenhorn

    I do not know, but erasing your browser cache does not work when is this problem solved the grey bar stays
  6. Escoair

    Escoair Forum-Greenhorn

    Same for me
  7. flightzero

    flightzero Emperor of the Forum

    I have send a message to support with the problems on my airport . I got very quickly an answer. They will tell the team tomorrow from my problems because it is weekend.
    It's a pitty for all the lost ep's and event items.:(
    Kira81 likes this.
  8. beruska21

    beruska21 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, i have same problems than everybody else..an my freiend neighbour haankaxx has this problem too.. when you repair itř? she has same problem last weekend... can you fix it fast? we wont event items..
    Than you
  9. dany2376

    dany2376 Forum-Apprentice


    ......tengo el mismo problema y es la segunda vez otro fracaso mas BIGPOINT (la imagen no es mia simplemente la copie de arriba)
  10. psyom

    psyom Forum-Greenhorn

    Same problem!
    i have cleared the internet cache with the last CCleaner and i have test with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. The arrival of planes dont work!
    Nom : psyom, ID utilisateur : 1380405
  11. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hey guys,

    all your server caches have been cleared now. Sorry for the long response time.
    If you have still problems, please write a ticket to the support.

    Kind regards,
  12. psyom

    psyom Forum-Greenhorn

    it's ok for me now. Thanks
  13. Andy1337

    Andy1337 Forum-Greenhorn

    Grey area where planes should be.. pls help.
    Have cleared browser cache, did not work.
  14. sparkmind

    sparkmind Forum-Greenhorn

    So the problem got fixed and i got to play a little, but around 10 pm it happend again. I tried the suggestion and it didnt work. I have submitted a ticket and hopefully they will fix it. Its kinda shitty tho that this keeps happening, and i lose my QS.
    I think you guys should give a little bit back to the community who keeps dealing with this shit.
  15. roland544

    roland544 Forum-Greenhorn

    nothing works - the end of skyrama?
  16. carlosber

    carlosber Forum-Greenhorn

    Hi, the flights bar isn't showing...
    User ID 11442997
  17. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Your cache has been cleared - incoming planes should now be visible again.
  18. Scooterboymilan123

    Scooterboymilan123 Forum-Greenhorn

    Nighthawk , i'm having the same problem as everybody else, clearing my crome cache doesn't help.
    Could you please reset my cache?
    ID: 13122165
    Name is same as here.

    Thx in advance.
  19. flightzero

    flightzero Emperor of the Forum

    My pilots are back to work and the airportmanager is happy again. :cool:
    Thank you :)
    ~NightHawk~ likes this.
  20. SkyChristine

    SkyChristine Padavan

    Same homecoming planes
    Please clear my cache
    UserID: 6544187
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