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Super slow-mo game

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brubo, Jun 30, 2019.

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  1. brubo

    brubo Forum-Apprentice

    Can someone please enlighten me why the game sometimes runs soooooo sloooow?
    At the moment it takes me 80 seconds to land 30 planes (with 10 runways)!! "Normal" speed would be 70 planes in the same time. I also can't drag the screen or open the storage shed or hangars while planes are landing. 1.5 hours for 1 million XP's - that should take 25 minutes!
    This speed varies during the day, so it's not a servercache problem. But it's not an internet problem either because it can be really slow during off peak hours (like now, 7 am Sunday) and fast during peak hours (6 - 9 pm).
    Could it be the number of planes in the landing queue?
    Could it be that Bigpoint is not supplying enough bandwidth?

    Any ideas out there?
  2. jank1961

    jank1961 Forum Inhabitant

    Hi Brubo.. it could be many things.. happens to me too from time to time.. if a log out / log in of the game ( reload ) does not help you, maybe you should ask NightHawk to clear your cache.. send him a request in the forum section questions & bug reports.. find the thread game slowed to unplayable speed.. NightHawk usually respond within hours so keep an eye on the thread.. hope this is somehow helpful for you.. kind regards Jan ;-)
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  3. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello brubo,

    it might help a lot if you clean up your buddy list until only approximately 100-200 buddies are remaining (if you have a lot of buddies). This should increase the performance significantly more than cleaning any caches.
    For each buddy in your list there has to be transfered data from and to the servers, even if they are not online. This needs a lot of performance which therefore slows the game (my assumption from own observations).

    Kind regards,
  4. brubo

    brubo Forum-Apprentice

    Thank You, jank1961 - I don't believe in emptying the server cache anymore, because quite often the problem fixes itself.

    The response ~NightHawk~ gave makes sense - I haven't heard of that one before. But to cut my very large buddy list to 100-200 is cutting it to the bone. I'll have to try with lets say 500.

    Thank you for your responses
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  5. jank1961

    jank1961 Forum Inhabitant

    You are welcome brubo.. anytime.. our pleasure to help you.. happy flying & kind regards.. Jan ;-)
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  6. brubo

    brubo Forum-Apprentice

    I just experienced this problem that I'm talking about in a classic way:

    23:40 (CET), passenger day: the game is "flying" - 10 clicks on the mouse as fast as I can, 10 planes land, the animations are flawless, I can drag the screen, I can open the storage shed, etc. With other words the game runs like it should!

    00:15 3 x XP: the game has slowed to a crawl! 10 clicks, 3 planes land. The animations are stop start (not flowing anymore), I can't drag the screen, etc, etc

    So, you can't tell me that has got anything to do with server cache, buddy list, sudden spike in player numbers (at midnight??) or any other of your normal explanations.
    This obviously is an inbuilt multiple XP problem that Bigpoint should fix.
    Anyway, I've said my bit and let it rest there. (put up or shut up)
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  7. firehawk691

    firehawk691 Active Author

    Hi brubo, firehawk69 here.
    I am having the same type problems. It seems to be happening more with the bigger airports. One thing I did about a month ago was I deleted google and flash player then re-downloaded them. That helped me a lot until just recently...
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  8. jank1961

    jank1961 Forum Inhabitant

    Hi Guys ;-) when the mini event changes at midnight.. remember to reload the game.. it seems to me as firehawk69 says.. that the bigger airport & the more flights are being serviced & waiting to be serviced.. the troubles with the game really gets bad.. & as brubo says.. all these issues & problems has nothing to do with the cache.. it must be another bug / flaw at bigpoint on the skyrama server.. i have asked NightHawk to get hold of tech support to take care of it.. i am still waiting for a reply & i will get back to you asap.. one last thing.. i have recently reached level 77.. i only play on xp days & with the quick service enabled.. it is almost impossible to play the game without the quick service but when enabled then the issues & problems begin.. if all this is not fixed soon maybe it is time to stop playing.. would be such a shame cuz i really do love this game inspite of it all.. have a nice time.. kind reards Jan ;-)
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  9. seanmartin

    seanmartin Forum-Apprentice

    Hi Firehawk69 and Jan I have no problem with the game since I bought CCleaner pro. it don't cost alot and well worth a try.
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  10. jank1961

    jank1961 Forum Inhabitant

    Thank you seanmartin ;-) i am not much for these external tools for windows 10.. thanks for the info anyway.. have a nice day.. kind regards Jan ;-)
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