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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Axrar, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. Axrar

    Axrar Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello Airmen,
    My name is Marcelo (Axrar) I'm Brazilian (sorry for my english) and I played SKYRAMA years ago, I'm a big and addicted fan of the game!
    I returned to SKYRAMA three months ago and unfortunately I was sad about some things I saw, I mean I did not see it, but this one. It's a subject for another day.
    I would like to help SKYRAMA and its players as best I can.

    I've been thinking of many suggestions for improvements and I'll share in the next few days!
    I count on the help of you so that we can call attention of the STAFF of the game, we are here and we would like to see THE SKYRAMA LITERALLY FLY AWAY!

    My suggestion today is to update the warehouse view when we click on it.
    It is a very simple and perhaps unimportant thing for many, but I believe it is something useful and they save little by little considerable time in the game.

    Below is a suggestion of expansion in the warehouse view, removing the scroll bar leaving visible all items that can be stored.
    NOTE: For the minimized version of the game screen, if necessary keep with the scroll bar.

    Good flights to all!


    WPP: +55 28 9.9938-3255
  2. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- Forum Duke

    Maybe a detail, but details like these are making games much better :)
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  3. phboos

    phboos Someday Author

    looks good
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  4. PDN57

    PDN57 Forum-Apprentice

    I have been wishing for something like that my self
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