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Patchnotes: Bug-fixes and Improvements in May – Patch Week 1

Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by Fluse, May 7, 2014.

Dear forum reader!

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  1. Fluse

    Fluse Community Team Team Zoomumba

    Dear Zoo Directors,

    Whilst spring cleaning, our hard-working team once again found some errors in the game and fixed them. All these fixed bugs and improvements going live today:

    • The scarlet ibis was correctly repositioned in the habitat.
    • The pug's position in the habitat was also corrected.
    • The issue with the display of the Alps habitat in the Zoo Shop and Zoo Depot was fixed.
    • The alpaca animation was corrected and now functions properly.
    • There has been a little graphic error with the birthday tree which has been fixed.
    • After reading a letter in the friends list, the mail icon should disappear now.
    • Some animals have funny animations where they hide behind the fences in their habitats. We've changed these fences so that they are transparent when you mouse-over them. That way you will be able to see all animals and their animations better.
    We hope you like these changes. :) We're rolling up our sleeves once again to take care of further issues and drawbacks in the zoo. ;)

    Have fun playing and greetings from,

    Your Zoomumba Team

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